U nchangeably since 2014, we have been one of the largest manufacturers and distributors of products from razor wire in Poland and one of the major ones in Europe. These products are commonly used as supplements for fences of prisons or military facilities. We are also present in the sector of road traffic safety devices, in which we are the largest producers of pavement barriers and road signs in Poland. Complement to our offer is the trade in steel products and the production for the needs of companies manufacturing steel constructions.

The motto “Securing Europe” is a clear reflection of our passion for securing industry facilities and our influence on the improvement of road safety. Our vision is to secure the users of our solutions. We want to achieve it through deliveries of superbly made and functional fencing, barriers, posts and other products in our offer.

We are a young, dynamically developing company running pan-European operations. Despite our only several years’ activity, we are very pleased to present the testimonials from the deliveries of our products to such countries as Germany, Italy, France, the Czech Republic, the Slovak Republic, Slovenia, Hungary, Austria, Switzerland and Russia. It is our ambition to become an intercontinental company, which is proven by the already completed, first deliveries to Iraq or the Maghreb countries. The quality and the scale of operations is proven by the fact that since 2015 we have been an official supplier of perimeter security systems for NATO.

We distinguish ourselves in the market by our comprehensiveness, large production capacity and a wide range of products. Based on our more and more growing experience, we have established our own design department and an in-house laboratory. Owing to this, our products distinguishes the highest quality of finish.

The fast and balanced development we owe to the creativity of our employees. We think innovatively and adapt to the client. Owing to the cooperation with the biggest fencing or road infrastructure companies or European tycoons from steel industry, our offer consists already of more than 3000 products, of which 20% are our own unique solutions. A wide selection of products allows us to supply comprehensively installation companies from fencing and road infrastructure industry as well as steelwork contractors or developers and construction companies.

Our competitive advantage often results from the fact that we have on stock the most of products, which we offer. We deliver to any location in Europe, using our own transport or the services of transportation companies. We provide services both to individual clients and big wholesalers. In 2015 we completed a few thousands of orders. We’d love to complete yours.

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